Our mission is to provide a friendly and practice-oriented place where you can find tips, practical advice, and inspiration for all your legal writing projects.  Whether you’re a new legal writer or a seasoned expert, we hope you’ll join us.  You’ll also find the authority you need to complete all 100 exercises in our book, Legal Analysis: 100 Exercises for Mastery.  On our blog, you’ll find a legal writing-related topic explored roughly every month.  Your comments and feedback will enliven our discussion.

Pre-Law Students:   You will find resources to help you achieve your goal of becoming a law student.  Our book in particular can provide exposure to the core skills running through just about every law school class.  Follow the blog to read about current legal writing issues or challenges that legal writers face.

Law Students:  Congratulations!  You’ve taken your first steps into the profession.  Now you must perfect the skills that have brought you here, including writing and legal analysis.  As a law student and lawyer, you’ll spend much of your time writing.  Visit us often as you progress through your law school years and develop these important skills.

Law Faculty:  As law professors ourselves, we well know the daily challenge of providing students with fresh material and engaging ideas.  Here and in our book, we hope you will find useful resources and inspiration to help you accomplish your teaching goals.

Practitioners:  This is a place for practitioners too, who can add up-to-the minute comments on legal writing in practice today.  As former practitioners, we know that developing as a legal writer in practice can sometimes be solitary and perplexing.  We welcome you and hope you find useful resources and share your knowledge.

Whatever your role in the legal profession, join us for practical and fresh advice and commentary.  Welcome!

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